Korea Keyboard Comapany - IDFactory released new tenkeyless keyboard in Friday, last week.

This keyboard have been developed with TAIWAN company cowork. In Korea, this product sells as Groove 87 FR4, except Korea, this keyboard sells as Cooler Master's gaming brand.

Two products are same to design and internal sturucture but there is some diffrence in keycap printing, internal metal frame's color or bundle keycap.

Groover 87 FR4 model use a dual layer and FR4 material PCB. As this componets, this keyboard will show rather durability and some increase of typing feeling than existed single layer PCB keyboard.

ALso This product is composed of Keyboard, Manual, detachable mini USB cable, PS/2 Gender even Keyboard brush for cleaning, total 9 bundle keycap (for cursour, WASD, and ESC). it's quite good package contents to most mechanical user.
Keycap of Groove 87  is ABS like a most existed keyboard. Overall heigh of keycap or structure is same to Majestouch keycap.  So, this keyboard use a various accessory keycap that is developed for Majestouch.

Like a Model name, this mode have typincal 87 Layout. And this model for Korea market. Korean and Alphabet is printed on top of each keycap.

Anyway, this year will be mechanical tenkeyless keyboard's year. It just start as Groove 87 in Korea, various tenkeyless model will be released too.

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